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sylvie chen

Movement Masterclass w/ Sylvie Chen (CN/CH)

From Butoh to Taichi

Saturday 12.5.

13.00 - 17.00
Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstr. 129
8037 Zürich

Exploration of unconsciousness in performance. How can sounds transform into body movement? How can we research and celebrate emptiness and use it as a tool in everyday movement, and movement based disciplines like contemporary dance.

- Introduction of passive waves inspired from ancient QiKung 

- spinal warm up with organic voice techniques

- Creative dialogue between hairs, toes, tongues

- Butoh steps, Taichi steps, fusion steps

- Perception of momentum in poetic rollings & fallings

- Playful fighting games in Duo  


Dresscode: entire white or entire black


“Karada ha Karada. The body is empty. The Tao is open” 




Sylvie Xing Chen is a chinese-swiss berlin-based performer and choreographer in dance theater, specialized in japanese Butoh,  chinese opera & Taichi-Dance. Her solo & group choreography have been shown in various festivals in Switzerland, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo, Macau, Guangzhou & Shanghai China. 

Her last engagement as dancer was collaborating with ZHDK project choreography Emanuel Gat. Since 2014 she teaches Butoh dance & guided improvisation Workshop for professional dancers & comediens in Fengmian Art Center in China, Rui Cunha Foundation in Macau, Tanzfabrik Berlin & in Zurich Tanzhaus Wildcard. Since 2010 with her company ButoInSwitzerland, promoted by swiss embassy, they are touring their dance theater piece with art installation and film production each Dec. in China & in Japan.

Her childhood spent in Shaolin temple & later studied in Zen temple in Japan bring her on the practice of emptiness. This enriches her research in different artistic expressions such as dancing, painting, calligraphy. Always switching between Asien & Europe , she takes inspirations from her daily life cultural fusions & conflicts and translates them into creative process.

Reservations only after payment!

➝ Workshop in English
➝ Limited capacity
➝ No previous experience needed
➝ Open to movers from all ages and backgrounds



Movement Masterclass w/ Nik Kosmas (US/DE)

"The Practice"

Saturday 16.6

13.00 - 17.00
MEDIACAMPUS Tanzhaus Zürich
Freihofstr. 7
8048 Zürich

We are in a Cambrian explosion of fitness/sport/movement culture. The 20th century saw many amazing developments in the study of human physical potential, across many cultures and continents. What we have in the 21st century is an incredible wealth of that research at our fingertips (thanks internet). This is a blessing if you have the base knowledge and learning skills to filter through the hype and bullshit. Practitioners who laboured for years, making mistakes, learning and training, finding perhaps only a few peers to share methods and discuss with, are now able to share their wisdom quickly and easily with many of us.

However the legacy of the 20th century is that many of these writers and training methods are specific, which has pro’s and con’s. If I am a runner writing for runners, I won’t have much advice for how to blend in a jiu jitsu practice. How can we frame these ideas? There is a trend towards hybrid-knowledge that goes across many disciplines. Science is experiencing similar boundary blurring and cross-disciplinary pollination. I think the next goal of the movement culture is to create more resources and experiments for multi-disciplinary movers. How does a runner/bjj/ olympic weightlifter train? How does a bouldering, dancing, acro-yogi train?

Specializing is important for achieving high level performance, but most of us, lets be real, we just want to have fun, stay interested, enjoy moving, get release from our thoughts, be healthy, and look good.

- Introduction of some simple strength and conditioning strategies that leave time and energy for skill practices

- breakdown of the idea of general and specific training

- discussion of mindset

- technique vs capacity, somatics vs training

- necessary limitations of cross-disciplinary practices of all kinds

- strength training

- playing games


Nik Kosmas’ work navigates the thin line between design, sport, and business. He has recently published ‘Essays on Physical Practice’ where he proposes a holistic approach to the relationship with the body-mind. A pioneer of post-internet art, he has exhibited worldwide in institutions such as the New Museum in New York, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, the Berlin Biennial, the Venice Biennale and the Moscow Biennale for Young Art.

CHF 95.- Early Bird (Before end of June)
CHF 105.- Regular Price


Movement Masterclass w/ Iftach Vardi (ISR)

"Decoding Motion"

Saturday 7.7. 2018
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstr. 128
8037 Zürich

"Dancers, martial artists, circus people, yogis and all freestyle movers: You're all invited to come and explore new ways to develop and expand your movement intelligence

DECODING MOTION project is a movement intelligence development intensive practice.

We learn how to develop our own movement intelligence using different exercises and techniques practiced and inspired from different disciplines, mainly from the worlds of martial arts, contemporary dance, and soft acrobatics.
finding and exploring the connections and interfaces they all share between them.

We will practice and learn different principles and techniques of martial arts, floor work and soft acrobatics and explore how they can all be merged together in order to achieve more freedom and flow in our movement."

Iftach is a movement artist who's profound background in martial arts and his recent years research and experimentation within contemporary dance have allowed him to create a unique platform of integration between the disciplines.

Alchemising various ideas, concepts and principles into his teachings he allows movers from multiple disciplines to grow and expand in their own fields and movement capabilities.

Iftach's DECODING MOTION movement development seminars and workshops are held around the world.


CHF 95.- Students, Pro-Dancers, early bird (before end of june)
CHF 105.- Regular Price