Movement Masterclass w/ Imre Thormann (CH)
Saturday 23.11. - Sunday 24.11.

Movement Masterclass w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH) - selling out soon.
Saturday 7.12. - Sunday 8.12.


Movement Masterclass w/ Shinichi Iova-Koga (US)
Saturday 25.1.

Fighting Monkey (Infos coming soon)
Saturday 22.02.20 - Sunday 23.02.20

Bild: Anna-Katharina Frins

Bild: Anna-Katharina Frins

Movement Masterclass w/ Imre Thormann (CH/FR)
Saturday 23.11. - Sunday 24.11.

Butoh & Noguchi Taiso

A two day workshop in which master dancer Imre Thormann is taking you on a journey into the principles behind his movements and expression.

"In my workshop I do not convey any fixed form or technique, but the principles that form the basis of movement (spiral, wave, gravity, emotion etc.). We will focus on everyday movements like standing and walking, as well as on emotional forms of expression. We will establish a basis that will enable us to exchange conventional patterns of movement for fresh approaches that will help us to execute movements more easily.

This workshop is not only for professionals in dance and theatre, but amateurs of all ages and people who are open and curious to work with the body, mind and soul.

My work is based on a training of seven years in Tokyo with Kazuo Ohno (Butoh) and Noguchi Michizo (founder of Noguchi Taiso, a Japanese form of body work), and education in Alexander Technique and my experience as a dancer who is living the dance. My workshops are inspiring for people with a background or interest in tai chi, aikido, dance, performance, acting, yoga, body work and body-mind oriented therapy."



Saturday 23.11.
10-13:00, Lunch Break, 14:30-17:30
Sunday 24.11.
10-13:00, Lunch Break, 14:30-17:30

Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
8037 Zürich


CHF 280 regular fee
CHF 250 early bird (before end of september) and professional dancer

nik bärtsch

Movement Masterclass w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH)
Saturday 7.12. - Sunday 8.12.

Musical Movement Training

Wer den Künstler Nik Bärtsch mal live erlebt hat, spürt sofort, dass dieser Mann an seinem Bewusstsein gearbeitet hat. Nicht nur sein Outfit ("Christa de Carouge") ist augenfällig, auch seine prägnante Art zu sprechen und sich zu bewegen. Alles ist von einer fliessenden Leichtigkeit und Lebendigkeit durchdrungen. Die Instrumente seiner Arbeit sind Bewegungsformen wie Aikido, Feldenkrais und Gyrotonic - und entsprechen einer Brücke zu seiner polyrhythmischen Musik (Piano), wo Taktgefühl und Fluss einander systematisch herausfordern.

Diese Movement Masterclass ist für alle Levels bzw. ohne musikalischen oder bewegungstechnischen Background besuchbar.

Offenheit, Neugierde und Spielfreude sind wichtiger als detaillierte Vorkenntnisse.



- Presence training
- Rhythm awareness
- Movement merging techniques

Der Workshop richtet sich an Menschen, die interessiert sind an kreativen Körper Techniken, Rhythmus Relationen und musikalischen Bewegungs-Meditationen – unabhängig vom Status als AmateurIn, Profi oder StudentIn.


Wir werden an fundamentalen Aspekten von funktionalem Bewegen arbeiten, die relevant sind für PerformerInnen (z.B. Bewegungs-Leute wie TänzerInnen, MusikerInnen oder KampfkünstlerInnen):

• Ausdehnung und Entspannung
• präsent und geerdet bleiben
• Zentrums-basierte Bewegung
• die Balance unter Druck behalten
• Flow und Flexibilität
• Fokus und Bewusstheit
• Kontakt und Interaktion


Rhythmus-, Präsenz- und Reaktions-Training in der Gruppe und als Gruppen-Organismus: Klatsch- und Shaker-Kreise, Pattern und Zyklen-Übungen.


Wir beginnen die Workshop-Tage mit einer 20 minütigen Meditation. Bewegungs- und Rhythmus-Meditationen sind auch Teil der Trainings-Einheiten.

Nik Bärtsch

hat den Kunstpreis der Stadt Zürich 2019 erhalten und arbeitet als Pianist und Komponist an seiner RITUAL GROOVE MUSIC. Er ist Leader des Zenfunk-Quartetts RONIN und der Musik-Ritual-Gruppe MOBILE. Er ist Lehrbeauftragter für ‘Praktische Ästhetik’ an der Musikhochschule ZH/Winterthur und ist stark interessiert am Einfluss und der Kombination von Musik und Bewegung, im speziellen von Aikido, Feldenkrais und Gyrotonic. Nik trainiert im Kokoro Aikido Dojo Zürich. Residencies, Workshops und Lectures an versch. Institutionen: Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance London (UK), Musikhochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig (DE), Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (CH)

Nik spielt jeden Montag mit RONIN im EXIL, Zürich



13.00 - 19.00 Uhr

20.00 Uhr Gemeinsames Abendessen TBA
(freiwillig - nicht im Preis inbegriffen)

10.00 - 17.00 Uhr



Tanzhaus Zürich Hauptsaal
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
8037 Zürich


Regulär CHF 210.–
Early Bird (Zahlung bis Ende November) CHF 180.–
Profi Musiker / Studenten Ermässigung CHF 180.–



– Workshop in Deutsch (oder Englisch)
– Limitierte Workshop Kapazität
– Keine musikalische Erfahrung notwendig


Movement Masterclass w/ Shinichi Iova-Koga (US)

Stillness and Dynamic

This training is open to all ages and levels of training - It requires a strong commitment of body/mind.

Part 1
We train the body to become a more expansive and dynamic container so we can develop more speed, adaptability and the capacity to deal with change. To begin, we soften the body, develop functional flexibility and strengthen connective tissue,
tendons and joints. This promotes a more energy-efficient and fluid state through which impulses can travel through the body with minimal resistance. We discover how thoughts and the mind’s attention can change the quality of the physical form.

Part 2
And then we test ourselves. Each step, sound, word or action we generate extends an invitation to those around us, prompting a series of responses and interactions which become the flesh and bones of a new organism. Provided that we remain aware of this relationship, it lives. To craft this life, we play with timing and space while connecting to our internal states.

About Shinichi:
I’ve prepared myself within the forms or containers of Action Theater (improvisation), Qi Gong, Aikido, Noguchi Taiso, Noh Theater and Butoh Dance. From these forms I have learned what I know about body mobility and circulation, awareness of weight, breath, and physical mechanics connected to feeling states, moods, the space around. As a teacher and an artist, my first task is to tend to these forms/containers/pathways. The next piece is to step away from these particulars, to hold them up against rigorous inquiry and to reconsider them or re-assemble them in order to create something new. It is this process, of both pursuing skill and facing the unknown, that I strive to share with my students.
My teaching is also informed by various forms of collaboration (Ann Carlson, Ko Murobushi, KT Nelson, Yuko Kaseki, Yumiko Yoshioka) and mentorship (Anna Halprin, Ralph Lemon, Ruth

I am the Artistic Director of the Physical Theater and Dance company called inkBoat.
inkBoat is a physical theatre and dance company founded in 1998. With members based in San Francisco, Luzern, Paris and Berlin, the company performs throughout North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan in theaters and site-specific locations. Repertory and research integrate the interplay of multiple artistic disciplines and viewpoints, both experimental and traditional, resulting in original performance compositions. Themes and subjects arise from meticulous examination of everyday life, with primary content arising from the body, resulting in both refined and raw expressions.


- 25.1.2020
- Saturday
- 13.00 - 17.00
- Tanzhaus Zürich

85.- Early bird (pay before end of december)
95.- Regular price, professional dancer, student

Artists invited so far:

September 2019 - Tom Weksler (ISR)
June 2019 - Lukas Flint (DE)
May 2019 - Hoyoung Im (Korea)
April 2019 - Joseph Bartz (DE)
March 2019 - Eva Georgitsopoulou (GR)
February 2019 - Fighting Monkey (GR)
January 2019 - Jason Round (UK)

December 2018 - Carsten Stausberg (DE)
July 2018 - Iftach Vardi (ISR)
June 2018 - Nik Kosmas (US)
May 2018 - Sylvie Chen (CN)
April 2018 - Samantha Pak (US)
March 2018 - Tomislav English (UK)
February 2018 - Natalia Piezcuro (POL)
January 2018 - Fighting Monkey (GR)

December 2017 - Martin Kilvady (SLV)
November 2017 - Matt Mulligan (UK)
October 2017 - Manon Siv Duquesny (DK)
September 2017 - Olivier Goetgeluck (BEL)
August 2017 - Dmitry Paranyushkin
June 2017 - Aaron Cantor (US) 
May 2017 - Nik Bärtsch (CH)
April 2017 - Bruno Caverna (BRA)
March 2017 - David Suivez (CH)
February 2017 - Benjamin Joon (BLN)
January 2017 - Tomislav English (UK)

November 2016 - Ane Iselin Brogeland (NOR)
October 2016 - Matan Levkowitch (VIE)