Movement Masterclass w/ Jason Round (GB)


'MoveMore: Movement Workshop'

4h Workshop for Martial Artists, Dancers, Yogis and General Movers

Saturday, January 19, 2019

1 PM – 5 PM

The 'MoveMore: Movement Workshop' is continually adapted to participants, the facility, and my own research. No two workshops are the same. Whilst content changes, underlying objectives remain the same:

To create a learning space through which participants can begin to map, explore & interpret our subject: Movement. By creating 'containers' - individual & partner games, drills, movement tasks & scenarios - we can give temporary definition to our movement experiences and extract meaningful learning outcomes.

Investigate micro-subjects such as organic strength, lower-body complexity, locomotion, hand-balancing, floor communication, object manipulation, softness & tension, play/fight & more. Under these contexts we can begin to appreciate the complexity & potential of human movement.

Arm participants with practical tools & methodology to develop attributes such as mobility, strength, balance, coordination and structural awareness as well as injury prevention & rehabilitation. By understanding these attributes as on a SPECTRUM, rather than a fixed measurable, we can develop a more experienced, complex, and intelligent body - our vessel for continued movement exploration.


Jason is a movement practitioner who travels to develop and share his continually evolving movement practice and perspective. He is a bricolage and 'filter' of all his teachers and movement experiences driven by three 'wheels' which guide the 'MoveMore' project: learn, share & connect.

'MoveMore' is the platform through which Jason reaches out to those interested in developing their own 'movement practice'. Further, he proposes and encourages development of a critical 'movement perspective' through which we might interpret & direct our individual and social experiences.

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CHF 95.- regular
CHF 85.- student / pro dancer / early bird (before end of dec)


Anatomy of Injury & Anatomy of Events 

How we age and what we do to slow down this process.

2./3. February 2019
Tanzhaus Zürich

”We invite athletes, educators, physiotherapists, scientists, dancers, artists and all kind of enthusiasts from different disciplines who have the courage to test, discuss and experience:
how we move, when meeting obstacles
how we think, when we know less than we know
how we communicate, because we always need to communicate especially in challenging times
how we observe to find solutions that are better than just good"

Zero Forms
Athletic Leg, Axis and Spinal health

We are highly interconnected and we age as a whole system. We move, interact and communicate and the way we do it makes us more or less vulnerable to physical and social forces that affect our allostatic balance and influence how we age and live.

We gradually accumulate damages by exhausting ourselves.
We gradually lose our synaptic inter-connections and movement qualities.
What practices, training habits and everyday behaviour lead to loss of proprioceptive variability?

Inductive reasoning, spacial orientation and memory

We investigate and promote mobility that contributes to body musicality and rhythm. We practice coordinations as a way to improve the health of joints through communication and their inter-relation.
How do we learn?
We research the strategies we use to learn and the ways we can improve our memory by involving more networks of our body to give us more creative opportunities, more unique associations. We do this through movement that provokes improvised, sudden and unexpected connections that can break your limitations.

Movement Situations
Chaos and disruption

Irregularity, difficulty and pressure are important factors in the development of complex systems such as life. Movement Situations embrace those elements in open games, created to increase the adaptive value of your movement qualities, your strategic decisions and your creative variability in changing and unpredictable environments.”

Upcoming FM events, EU 2019:
15, 16, 17 March - Copenhagen
18, 19 May - Lausanne
31 May & 1, 2 June - Berlin
28, 29, 30 June - Amsterdam
5 - 10 August - Slagesle / Gerlev Sports Academy
6, 7, 8 September - Prague

Upcoming FM events, North America 2019:
5, 6, 7 April - Toronto, CA
9, 10, 11 April - Quebec, CA
13, 14 April - Asheville, North Carolina
18 - 22 April - Sisters, Oregon
27, 28 April - Berkeley, California

Contact us for more info at info@fightingmonkey.net

Workshop address:
Tanzhaus Zürich, Wasserwerkstrasse 129, 8037 Zürich

Saturday, 2 February --> Sunday, 3 February 2019

Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00
* with a 1 hour break for each day

Total Event Price: 400€
Early Bird Price: 360€

To book a spot, please click here:

For more details
please contact our host David Suivez from Movement Masterclass at: suivez@gmail.com




Movement Masterclass w/ Eva Georgitsopoulou (GR)

24.3. 2019
Tanzhaus Zürich

Intention vs. Intension
Fighting Monkey, GAGA, Ballet, Graham, Release Techniques, Passing through, Flying low

Open for everybody! Beginner and advanced.

How to coordinate the whole body into small and big movement pathways. How to be aware of the full body when you improvise. To actually train the body's totality and be able to activate the muscles and each body part by keeping it connected with the center and the spine.

We will train the spine, arms and legs to move, cut, go through and transform the space around us. We will explore different impulses of the body and we will insist on understanding these impulses and make them travel through the spine and travel through the space. We will work with different intensities of muscles and we will learn to create musicality in the body by choosing short or long movement pathways. We will challenge the speed and the stamina because in those places we will be forced to activate our technique tools in order to keep our dance alive. 

Expression in real time!
In order to transform this automatism into creativity, we need body and space awareness.



Movement Masterclass w/ Joseph Bartz (DE)
Tanzhaus - Mediacampus Zürich

Intensive „Physical & Cognitive Practices"


Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-18
Sunday 10-17

Recommended for anyone who comes with an open mind.

The Physical & Cognitive Practice Intensive represents the entirety of our practice. This intensive focuses on different topics depending on the participants, the time of year and the locations, and can be visited at any time.

The physical and cognitive practices
Our practice is in a continuous state of development and change. Statically and dogmatically doing the same thing is a foreign concept to us. Our practice should be dynamic and thus alive. This practice consists of both the physical and the mind, the cognitive. Learning and practicing our ability to learn is one of our ideals. Our practice shall be helpful for the people.

The physical
Our physical practice consists of the elements of movement practice, development of potential, including preparation of the body, athleticism and capacity, as well as bodily control and loosening.
Through the joining of these aspects, a comprehensive, universal training arises. The idea is to become physically capable and develop skills, thereby creating freedom and joy. Our physical training is the opposite of a society that has become too intellectualised and focused on consumption, in which physical training is presented in isolated and highly specified systems. Being a "jack of all trades" is the goal of our training.

The cognitive
The mind practice consists of different forms of thinking, such as reflection, contemplation, concentration, imagination, memory training, and attention. The mind practice contains in it the recognition of the world through observation and perception, through reflection and discussion. The practice also contains aspects of logic such as mathematics and argumentation, as well as creativity, meditation, empathy and mental control.

Being in the world

Our practices deal with existing in the world. The crucial point is the way we balance wilderness and technology, and the way we balance doing and calmness.

Who are we, what is our place, and what do we do?

Workshop held in DE/EN
Media Campus, Trakt 7
Freihofstrasse 7
8048 Zürich

Anfahrt mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln
Buslinie Nr. 31 bis Haltestelle „SBB-Werkstätte“
Tramlinie Nr. 2 bis „Freihofstrasse"
CHF 400.- Student, Pro-Dancer
CHF 450.- Regular

Artists invited so far:

March 2019 - Eva Georgitsopoulou (GR)
February 2019 - Fighting Monkey (GR)
January 2019 - Jason Round (UK)

December 2018 - Carsten Stausberg (DE)
July 2018 - Iftach Vardi (ISR)
June 2018 - Nik Kosmas (US)
May 2018 - Sylvie Chen (CN)
April 2018 - Samantha Pak (US)
March 2018 - Tomislav English (UK)
February 2018 - Natalia Piezcuro (POL)
January 2018 - Fighting Monkey (GR)

December 2017 - Martin Kilvady (SLV)
November 2017 - Matt Mulligan (UK)
October 2017 - Manon Siv Duquesny (DK)
September 2017 - Olivier Goetgeluck (BEL)
August 2017 - Dmitry Paranyushkin
June 2017 - Aaron Cantor (US) 
May 2017 - Nik Bärtsch (CH)
April 2017 - Bruno Caverna (BRA)
March 2017 - David Suivez (CH)
February 2017 - Benjamin Joon (BLN)
January 2017 - Tomislav English (UK)

November 2016 - Ane Iselin Brogeland (NOR)
October 2016 - Matan Levkowitch (VIE)