Movement Masterclass w/ Hoyoung Im (Seoul)


Combining movement approaches from south east asian and eastern philosophy and contemporary dance:


- Introducing dynamics of balancing, stabilizing, falling, rolling, flipping and melting down
- Awareness of relationship between the space and our core
- Improvisational and choreographed patterns as a tool to explore the space
- Maintain flow without unnecessary tension using circular motions and spirals
- Partner work and games

Hoyoung is a black belt Tae Kwon Do martial artist and intertwines improvisational movements with contemporary dance, traditional Korean traditional dance and Ashtanga yoga. He’s also a theatre and dance performer, dj and musician He graduated from Seoul, South Korea, Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art. One of the member of theatre company, ‘Elephant Manbo’ and an art director of art project group, ‘UmZikßi’. As an actor Hoyoung has worked with Dong-Hyun Kim from Elephant Manbo, National Theater Company of Korea and Evgeny Kozlov from the physical dance “DO Theater” from Russia.

Open for all Levels

joseph bartz

Movement Masterclass w/ Joseph Bartz (DE)

Intensive „Physical & Cognitive Practices"


The Physical & Cognitive Practice Intensive represents the entirety of our practice. This intensive focuses on different topics depending on the participants, the time of year and the locations, and can be visited at any time. Recommended for anyone who comes with an open mind.

The physical and cognitive practices

Our practice is in a continuous state of development and change. Statically and dogmatically doing the same thing is a foreign concept to us. Our practice should be dynamic and thus alive. This practice consists of both the physical and the mind, the cognitive. Learning and practicing our ability to learn is one of our ideals. Our practice shall be helpful for the people.

The physical

Our physical practice consists of the elements of movement practice, development of potential, including preparation of the body, athleticism and capacity, as well as bodily control and loosening.
Through the joining of these aspects, a comprehensive, universal training arises. The idea is to become physically capable and develop skills, thereby creating freedom and joy. Our physical training is the opposite of a society that has become too intellectualised and focused on consumption, in which physical training is presented in isolated and highly specified systems. Being a "jack of all trades" is the goal of our training.

The cognitive

The mind practice consists of different forms of thinking, such as reflection, contemplation, concentration, imagination, memory training, and attention. The mind practice contains in it the recognition of the world through observation and perception, through reflection and discussion. The practice also contains aspects of logic such as mathematics and argumentation, as well as creativity, meditation, empathy and mental control.

Being in the world

Our practices deal with existing in the world. The crucial point is the way we balance wilderness and technology, and the way we balance doing and calmness.

Who are we, what is our place, and what do we do?

Workshop held in DE/EN


Movement Masterclass w/ Eva Georgitsopoulou (GR)

"Dance improvisation is an expression on real time! It is like automatic writing. In order to transform this automatism into creativity, we need body and space awareness."

Suitable for everybody interested in movement.
No prerequisites necessary!

Sunday, 24.3.19

Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
8037 Zürich

to melt these approaches into one:

Ballet, Graham, Release Techniques, Passing through - Flying low, Fighting Monkey, GAGA

Develop your own improvisation:

How to coordinate the whole body into small and big movement pathways. How to be aware of the full body when you improvise. To actually train the body's totality and be able to activate the muscles and each body part by keeping it connected with the center and the spine.

We will train the spine to move, cut, go through and transform the space around us including arms and legs. We will explore different impulses of the body and we will insist on understanding these impulses and make them travel through the spine and travel through the space.
We will work with different intensities of muscles and we will learn to create musicality in the body by choosing short or long movement pathways.
We will challenge the speed and the stamina because in those places we will be forced to activate our technique tools in order to keep our dance alive.

We will be working with technical tasks, statically, on spot and with partners. The purpose is for the participants to understand the meaning of conscious and unconscious dance, to believe in it, to trust different movement possibilities and unlock their imagination continuously beyond their well known forms.

How to find "new" movement?

Inside the flow of the class, we challenge our own existence, share and demand inspiration from what is around us, inside us, in and out of our imagination. We want to make our presence appear through its physicality. We will train the body to talk and represent what it is and how it feels, developing its own dramaturgy and being alive inside the stories which can be told though dancing.

Being trained and inspired by the most important figures of dance in Israel, she developed her own style of Gaga and contemporary dance.
She's a performer, dancer, teacher and also a lawyer which makes her approach on movement clear and also creative.

fighting monkey zurich

Fighting Monkey Practice —Zurich, Anatomy of Injury & Events

Zurich, Switzerland
2 & 3 February

How we age and what we do to slow down this process.

We invite athletes, educators, physiotherapists, scientists, dancers, artists and all kind of enthusiasts from different disciplines who have the courage to test, discuss and experience:
how we move, when meeting obstacles
how we think, when we know less than we know
how we communicate, because we always need to communicate especially in challenging times
how we observe to find solutions that are better than just good

Zero Forms
Athletic Leg, Axis and Spinal health

We are highly interconnected and we age as a whole system. We move, interact and communicate and the way we do it makes us more or less vulnerable to physical and social forces that affect our allostatic balance and influence how we age and live.

We gradually accumulate damages by exhausting ourselves.
We gradually lose our synaptic inter-connections and movement qualities.
What practices, training habits and everyday behaviour lead to loss of proprioceptive variability?

Inductive reasoning, spacial orientation and memory

We investigate and promote mobility that contributes to body musicality and rhythm. We practice coordinations as a way to improve the health of joints through communication and their inter-relation.
How do we learn?
We research the strategies we use to learn and the ways we can improve our memory by involving more networks of our body to give us more creative opportunities, more unique associations. We do this through movement that provokes improvised, sudden and unexpected connections that can break your limitations.

Movement Situations
Chaos and disruption

Irregularity, difficulty and pressure are important factors in the development of complex systems such as life. Movement Situations embrace those elements in open games, created to increase the adaptive value of your movement qualities, your strategic decisions and your creative variability in changing and unpredictable environments.

Upcoming FM events, EU 2019:
15, 16, 17 March - Copenhagen
18, 19 May - Lausanne
31 May & 1, 2 June - Berlin
28, 29, 30 June - Rotterdam
5 - 10 August - Slagesle / Gerlev Sports Academy

Upcoming FM events, North America 2019:
5, 6, 7 April - Toronto, CA
9, 10, 11 April - Quebec, CA
13, 14 April - Asheville, North Carolina
20, 21 April - Berkeley, California

Contact us for more info at info@fightingmonkey.net

Workshop address:
Tanzhaus Zürich, Wasserwerkstrasse 129, 8037 Zürich

Saturday, 2 February --> Sunday, 3 February 2019

Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00
* with a 1 hour break for each day

jason round

Movement Masterclass w/ Jason Round (GB)


The 'MoveMore: Movement Workshop' is continually adapted to participants, the facility, and my own research. No two workshops are the same. Whilst content changes, underlying objectives remain the same:

To create a learning space through which participants can begin to map, explore & interpret our subject: Movement. By creating 'containers' - individual & partner games, drills, movement tasks & scenarios - we can give temporary definition to our movement experiences and extract meaningful learning outcomes.

Investigate micro-subjects such as organic strength, lower-body complexity, locomotion, hand-balancing, floor communication, object manipulation, softness & tension, play/fight & more. Under these contexts we can begin to appreciate the complexity & potential of human movement.

Arm participants with practical tools & methodology to develop attributes such as mobility, strength, balance, coordination and structural awareness as well as injury prevention & rehabilitation. By understanding these attributes as on a SPECTRUM, rather than a fixed measurable, we can develop a more experienced, complex, and intelligent body - our vessel for continued movement exploration.


Jason is a movement practitioner who travels to develop and share his continually evolving movement practice and perspective. He is a bricolage and 'filter' of all his teachers and movement experiences driven by three 'wheels' which guide the 'MoveMore' project: learn, share & connect.

'MoveMore' is the platform through which Jason reaches out to those interested in developing their own 'movement practice'. Further, he proposes and encourages development of a critical 'movement perspective' through which we might interpret & direct our individual and social experiences.

MoveMore on Facebook & Instagram:


carsten stausberg

Movement Masterclass w/ Carsten Stausberg (DE)


A Two Day Workshop for Martial Artists, Dancers, Yogis and General Movers. (German/English)

Saturday / Sunday
Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
8037 Zürich


The term Internal Work is translated from the Chinese „Nei Gong“ and describes the Meditative Methods in Internal Martial Arts like Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan or Taiji Quan.

Internal Work is designed to cultivate a practicioners physicality, his mental capacities and personality. It is a strong instrument meant to support the artist, no matter if martial artist, dancer, climber or general mover.

Through the connection of physical movement, breath and intention, Internal Work seeks to harmonize our organism. It utilizes internal cues, and usually starts without external movement.
What we are looking for is conscious awareness of our body, of our posture and our movement. Therefore we don’t need to learn more movement, but reduce it as far as we can. Standing still and reducing all variables of movement to a minimum will enable us to pay attention to our physical state, to recognize the alignment of our joints, the pressure of gravity, internal rhythms and for example the influence of our breathing on our balance.

From this starting point we will dive deeper into more complex physical movements, leading us from techniques of „Silk Reeling“ to the daoist method of Circle Walking.
Internal Practice will help you move with the ease of a child and the power and precision of an adult.
The Methods shown in this workshop are easy to learn and very accessible. No prior Martial Arts experience needed. We will dive deep into stillness practice, and spend extended periods of time in the quiet. We will also work with a partner to understand the connection of Internal Work and External Application (for example fighting or dancing.)

Internal Work is an essential method of physical cultivation. A daily practice to tune in, to connect with your environment and nature. It doesnt require much time, but is best practiced on a regular basis. This way it can be a very strong tool to nourish your own practice, the kind of self care every artist needs to esablish livelong and sustainable development.


Carsten Stausberg is the founder of Yizong Bagua in Cologne, Germany. A multidisciplinary space with emphasis on Martial Arts & Movement Training.

As a long time student of Luo Dexiu, his main background are the Internal Martial Arts of Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan & Taiji Quan, which he teaches in classes, workshops and through Online Coaching. He spent 20 years in various martial arts such as Shaolin Gong Fu, Chen- & Yang Style Taiji Quan and Qi Gong, focussing solely on the Internal Arts over the last 15 years.

Lately he worked intensively with dancers, such as Tom Weksler, to explore and research common ground in martial arts and dance as well as deeper layers of craftsmanship and artistic expression. Using Internal Work as a tool to refine and nourish the different disciplines.

He also founded a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team in 2016 where he implements his approach of training and coaching into a more competitive environment.
Apart from his martial arts background, Carsten holds a B.A. in Chinese Philosophy & Literature, graduated from a Chinese Medicine school and is a Certified Coach for Personal Development.

His way of teaching is very „down to earth“, using the least amount of „chinese“ possible to explain and introduce the concepts and principles of Internal Work. Therefore making the experience fun and enjoyable, rather than overserious and mystical.


iftach vardi.jpg

Movement Masterclass w/ Iftach Vardi (ISR)

Saturday 7.7. 2018

Decoding Motion

Dancers, martial artists, circus people, yogis and all freestyle movers: You're all invited to come and explore new ways to develop and expand your movement intelligence

DECODING MOTION project is a movement intelligence development intensive practice.

We learn how to develop our own movement intelligence using different exercises and techniques practiced and inspired from different disciplines, mainly from the worlds of martial arts, contemporary dance, and soft acrobatics.
finding and exploring the connections and interfaces they all share between them.

We will practice and learn different principles and techniques of martial arts, floor work and soft acrobatics and explore how they can all be merged together in order to achieve more freedom and flow in our movement."

Iftach is a movement artist who's profound background in martial arts and his recent years research and experimentation within contemporary dance have allowed him to create a unique platform of integration between the disciplines.

Alchemising various ideas, concepts and principles into his teachings he allows movers from multiple disciplines to grow and expand in their own fields and movement capabilities.

Iftach's DECODING MOTION movement development seminars and workshops are held around the world.


nik kosmas

Movement Masterclass w/ Nik Kosmas (US/DE)

"The Practice"

Saturday 16.6.2018

13.00 - 17.00
MEDIACAMPUS TH2 Tanzhaus Zürich
Freihofstr. 7
8048 Zürich

We are in a Cambrian explosion of fitness/sport/movement culture. The 20th century saw many amazing developments in the study of human physical potential, across many cultures and continents. What we have in the 21st century is an incredible wealth of that research at our fingertips (thanks internet). This is a blessing if you have the base knowledge and learning skills to filter through the hype. Practitioners who laboured for years, making mistakes, learning and training, finding perhaps only a few peers to share methods and discuss with, are now able to share their wisdom quickly and easily with many of us.

However the legacy of the 20th century is that many of these writers and training methods are specific, which has pro’s and con’s. If I am a runner writing for runners, I won’t have much advice for how to blend in a jiu jitsu practice. How can we frame these ideas? There is a trend towards hybrid-knowledge that goes across many disciplines. Science is experiencing similar boundary blurring and cross-disciplinary pollination. I think the next goal of the movement culture is to create more resources and experiments for multi-disciplinary movers. How does a runner/bjj/ olympic weightlifter train? How does a bouldering, dancing, acro-yogi train?

Specializing is important for achieving high level performance, but most of us, lets be real, we just want to have fun, stay interested, enjoy moving, get release from our thoughts, be healthy, and look good.

- Introduction of some simple strength and conditioning strategies that leave time and energy for skill practices

- breakdown of the idea of general and specific training

- discussion of mindset

- technique vs capacity, somatics vs training

- necessary limitations of cross-disciplinary practices of all kinds

- strength training

- playing games


Nik Kosmas’ work navigates the thin line between design, sport, and business. He has recently published ‘Essays on Physical Practice’ where he proposes a holistic approach to the relationship with the body-mind. A pioneer of post-internet art, he has exhibited worldwide in institutions such as the New Museum in New York, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, the Berlin Biennial, the Venice Biennale and the Moscow Biennale for Young Art.





Movement Masterclass w/ Sylvie Chen (CN)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

From Butoh to Taichi

Exploration of unconsciousness in performance. How can sounds transform into body movement? How can we research and celebrate emptiness and use it as a tool in everyday movement, and movement based disciplines like contemporary dance.

- Introduction of passive waves inspired from ancient QiKung
- Spinal warm up with organic voice techniques
- Creative dialogue between hairs, toes, tongues
- Butoh steps, Taichi steps, fusion steps
- Perception of momentum in poetic rollings & fallings
- Playful fighting games in Duo

Dresscode: entire white or entire black


“Karada ha Karada. The body is empty. The Tao is open”



Sylvie Xing Chen is a chinese-swiss berlin-based performer and choreographer in dance theater, specialized in japanese Butoh, chinese opera & Taichi-Dance. Her solo & group choreography have been shown in various festivals in Switzerland, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo, Macau, Guangzhou & Shanghai China.
Her last engagement as dancer was collaborating with ZHDK project choreography Emanuel Gat. Since 2014 she teaches Butoh dance & guided improvisation Workshop for professional dancers & comediens in Fengmian Art Center in China, Rui Cunha Foundation in Macau, Tanzfabrik Berlin & in Zurich Tanzhaus Wildcard. Since 2010 with her company ButoInSwitzerland, promoted by swiss embassy, they are touring their dance theater piece with art installation and film production each Dec. in China & in Japan.

Her childhood spent in Shaolin temple & later studied in Zen temple in Japan bring her on the practice of emptiness. This enriches her research in different artistic expressions such as dancing, painting, calligraphy. Always switching between Asien & Europe , she takes inspirations from her daily life cultural fusions & conflicts and translates them into creative process.


samantha pak

Movement Masterclass w/ Samantha Pak (USA)

Saturday, April 14, 201

*Open to all levels*

Explore the value of personal expression using movement as the medium.

A movement-based workshop exploring creative processes and individual movement styles, participants will gain practical tools to:

- Enhance spinal mobility, locomotion and floor work
- Experiment with aesthetic and movement influences
- Articulate and play with distinctive personal movement styles
- Combine outside influences within the movement practice

Bring your smartphone (if you have one… if you don’t, good for you!!).

Last but not least, prepare to smeeze... East Oakland is coming to your door, Zurich! See you there!


“We have no art. We do everything as well as we can.”
- Corita Kent

Samantha Pak is a US/Barcelona-based artist that uses movement as a creative medium.

Approaching the urban environment as a creative canvas, she merges movement culture with her interests in street fashion, contemporary art and music. She captures her work in video and photography, as well as collaborations with artists and movers of all sorts.

Her collaborations are as wide-ranging as a pop up shop at Hotel Brummell (Barcelona), a dance collaboration between STR/KE MOVEMENT Vancouver) and the TURF FEINZ (Oakland) and a cuisine and movement collaboration with James Beard Foundation award winning chef, Cortney Burns (San Francisco). She creates her own garments for use in her movement videos and photos, combining her interests in streetwear (most especially Gosha Rubchinskiy, Cottweiler, Rhude Clothings), pop art (including works from Tom Sachs, Ed Ruscha and Corita Kent), skating and music.

She works with athletes and movers including Olympic hopefuls to college athletes. Some of her faves include pro skater, Corey Duffel, and judo athlete Tsukasa Yoshida, winner of the silver medal at the 2017 World Judo Championships in Budapest.
A student of the Ido Portal Method since 2012, movement is the common thread in all the creative works and collaborations she’s involved in. Her training helps her explore the potential and depth of human movement, helping her explore the ideas and concepts she’s most compelled to get out in the world.



Ferus Animi // Terra Nova - Zurich (CH)

Save the date for the second edition of Tomislav English's Movement Masterclass.
Last year was sold out pretty quickly!

Mar 17, 2018 at 12 PM – Mar 18, 2018

2 Days workshop at Tanzhaus Media Campus.
Mediacampus TH1
Freihofstrasse 7
8048 Zürich

12.00 - 17.00
11.00 - 16.00


Ferus Animi // Terra Nova is a movement research collective based in Europe. Working across disciplines, the practice seeks to examine the principles behind many of the modern and traditional movement techniques we have come to recognise, through the lens of evolutionary physiology, environmental adaptation and neuroplasticity.

We look to better understand our mechanics, neurological & cognitive function, biological processes and the physical laws which govern our motion, in search of a richer range of possibilities in our movement and athletic development, as well as taking anthropological and philosophical examinations of our modern habits and lifestyles.

Our collective works with professional dancers, martial artists, athletes, somatic practitioners, yogis, circus artists and the like as well as psychologists, physiologists, neurologists and neuroplasticians, to make sure we are presenting the most up to date research available from each field. Our workshops are open to anyone passionate about Human movement.

Workshop leader Tomislav English‘s personal practice is informed by ongoing movement research under the teachings of Grand Master Tae Yong Lee (Teukgong Moosool), Moshe Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais Technique), Wim Hof (Wim Hof Method), David Zambrano (Flying Low & Passing Through), Cameron Shayne (Budokon), Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetania (Fighting Monkey Practice), Bruno Caverna (Formless Arts) and Ido Portal (Ido Portal Method), in addition to the writings of Neuroplastician Norman Doidge, and academic research at Oxford Mindfulness Centre (Oxford University Department of Psychiatry), Barça Innovation Hub (F.C. Barcelona), England Rugby (RFU) and Higher Education qualifications from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (FD), London Contemporary Dance School (BA (Hons)), Oxford School of Drama/Trinity College (FD), and Royal Holloway, University of London (PGC).


Movement Masterclass w/ Natalia Pieczuro

*Open for dancers, actors, circus and sports people and movers of all sorts*

Saturday 24. February 2018
Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129
8037 Zürich

«We can create complex, full of sounds music, but what counts the most in it’s beauty, is the silence between the notes. The duration of silence. The same applies to dance. "The silence" is the moment when everything and nothing can happen. (…) »
- Claude Debussy

The work is totally based on the Fighting Monkey practice and dedicated to strengthening and elaborating your partnering skills - it's all about: «communication».
Working with changing partners will provide precious irregularity in training, thus influence our behavior, diversity of qualities, tempi and rhythm of our movement.

Through partnering work - “movement situations”, coordinations, working with tools, injury prevention and body conditioning we will work on strengthening the focus, awareness and the whole system.
We will brake the patterns to learn new patterns.

How can one be open to the "new" and still be well rooted.


Born in the Wild East.
- Believes that reality is ultimately timeless and in logic of the universe.
- Often named: dancer, performer and teacher.
- Rooting herself with: FM practice and studying anthropology of culture
- graduated with a double diploma in choreography and performing at SEAD
- walking the FM path since over 10 years
- As a pedagogue she is motivated by an urge for movement - as consequence of being alive - and by endless will to share.

Currently busy with:
Fighting Monkey Practice, TCM, Stillness/Meditation,
awaking the archetypes together with CHVE, searching for mindful shapelessness under the gaze of Lisbeth Gruwez.