About Movement Masterclass

➝ No previous experience needed
➝ Open to movers from all backgrounds

Movement Masterclass offers workshops with international teachers who research in different fields of movement.

The workshops bridge the gap between established movement based disciplines (like Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Healing Arts, Parkour etc.) in an interdisciplinary approach of research, inquiring to discover similarities, differences and universal principles.

Movement Masterclass with Ane Iselin Brogeland

Movement Masterclass with Ane Iselin Brogeland

While oscillating between traditional and chaotic, conservative and anarchistic, from therapeutic to destruction - the focus lies on finding interrelations of disciplines to gain insights through awareness.

Movement Masterclass with Matan Levkowitch

Movement Masterclass with Matan Levkowitch

  • Mission

    "Let the invisible space become fertilized in imagination and fantasy, yet to be understood by the limitations of our cognitive reach."   Bruno Caverna

  • Founded in 2016 

  • Artists invited so far:

November 2017 - Matt Mulligan (UK)
October 2017 - Manon Siv Duquesny (DK)
September 2017 - Olivier Goetgeluck (BEL)
August 2017 - Dmitry Paranyushkin
June 2017 - Aaron Cantor (US) 
May 2017 - Nik Bärtsch (CH)
April 2017 - Bruno Caverna (BRA)
March 2017 - David Suivez (CH)
February 2017 - Benjamin Joon (BLN)
January 2017 - Tomislav English (UK)
November 2016 - Ane Iselin Brogeland (NOR)
October 2016 - Matan Levkowitch (VIE)


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About David Suivez

David Suivez is a trained Yoga Teacher who's main interest lies in researching and bridging the gaps between different approaches in movement based forms like Dance, Martial Arts and Bodywork Therapy.
He founded Movement Masterclass to provide a space where multidisciplinary movement specialists share their research.

David Suivez by Andrea Monica Hug

David Suivez by Andrea Monica Hug


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