Play-Fight / Liquid Body / Formless Art

Play-Fight is a self-empowering physical practice that weaves together elements from various dancing styles, capoeira and russian martial art systema. The exploration goes beyond the fringes of mere physicality. Play-Fight carries the potential to be a” life practice”, as often been portrait by participants, for acknowledging and including a myriad aspects in human interactions and expressions. Apart from developing instinctual intelligence as well as flexible and strong bodies, we learn how to keep a calm and resilient mind under controlled stress-induced events. The embodiment of principles of non-resistance and non-violence is at the top of all achievements allowing us to go back to the flow, our original state of being.


Ground engagement and movement
Tactile sensitivity
Flow state
Spiral power
Breathe work and Mind States
The Human Gym
Tension/relaxation – from external to internal movement


Bruno Caverna is originally from Rio de Janeiro and started practicing a vast array of physical practices at the age of 8, such as capoeira, contact-improvisation, contemporary dance, acrobatics, taiji, qi-gong and russian martial arts – systema, just to mention a few. In 1994 Bruno started teaching/sharing passionately and tirelessly his life experiences with people from all walks of life in more than 30 countries. He authored Formless Arts, an umbrela for Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices as a result of a vision that questions our crystalized concepts while at the same time interweaving a multitude of disciplines and tribes through a common thread. Currently Bruno currently is based in Russia where he is given the privilege to learn internal martial arts and other concealed knowledge from renowned russian masters.