Movement Masterclass w/ Manon Siv Duquesnay
"Instinct Insolite Movement"

Sunday 22. October 2017
13.00 - 17.00 (4 Hours Workshop)

Media Campus, Trakt 7
Freihofstrasse 7
8048 Zürich

Instinct Insolite Movement

1. An inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli
2. A powerful motivation or impulse
3. An innate capability or aptitude

1. What is against the usual, against the rules
2. Which is different from the habitual and surprises

Instinct Insolite is an oxymoron, a rhetorical figure in which contradictions are combined. It is in this collision that potential for movement happens.

Instinct Insolite is a movement exploration started in 2014 in my degree research project about the importance of physical mobility and contact and connection in daily life. It is a movement vocabulary that has since then been enhanced from travelling to the 4 corners of the world, extracting the essence of each part and blending them together for further explorations.

Instinct Insolite is inspired by contemporary life, movement and dance, martial arts as Kung Fu, Systema & Bjj, Play-Fight, Contact Improvisation, social dances as Lindy Hop & Tango, somatic explorations and performative practices. In Instinct Insolite we dig into a specific term and dissect it enough to reassemble and connect it anew with opened senses, broadened meaning and possibilities. It is the physicalisation of 'when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.'

This masterclass will be focused on Impact and we will approach the term from which impacts we meet in our daily surroundings. We will pass through different exercises, from shaking method, to systema breathing and drills from martial arts. Getting into and through the aspects of impact, which would normally block and stop us, the class will supply us with tools to confront, meet and change our preconceptions favouring the physical potential of movement and encounter. This is open for everybody, regardless of age and "fitness".


Manon Siv Duquesnay is a French Danish dancer, choreographer and movement teacher. Her life and work is strongly characterised by her international path. She graduated in 2015 with a BA in Dance Performance from DOCH – Stockholm University of Dance & Circus, which included an exchange to Barcelona in Institut del Teatre. Since then Manon has been travelling around Europe and South America with the dancing as her motivation. Her interest in movement is to communicate beyond the 7 languages that she speaks, & to open the body to its full potential in order to respond instinctively to any expectation or surprise that might pass our way.