Movement Masterclass w/ Martin Kilvady (SK)

Saturday 16.12.2017
13.00 - 19.00

Sunday 17.12.2017
10.00 - 17.00

"I'm personally looking forward very much to his workshop. Not only since i have heard so much praise about him throughout all the dance and performer scene. 
Checking out his vast array of Youtube clips makes me excited even more..." - David Suivez


Ground level

"For past 25 years I have been growing unique and personal expression. I have been teaching, performing and dancing it during the same amount of time.

What I'm doing at this point is a style that embraces various interconnected elements. Simple headtitels that represent these elements and give name to What, How and Why are: Skillfulness, Personal fulfillment and Treatment. 

The fact of mentioning the interconnection is important key point since integration and seeking the connections are very subject of my research and not the unconscious byproduct of practicing specialized disciplines or styles.


- Form-shape-posture as a extremely useful container to investigate the content.
- Scale of muscular Tensions-Release as a practical tool to create physical sensations.
- Dynamics or movement velocity as a major game changer in the human orchestration.


This workshop is a suitable occasion for you to discover my artistry. The experience of it does not depend on your background but requires hunger and interest.

I will be dancing. You can be dancing too if a definition of what dancing means for you has a degree of clarity.

Good wishes to all.