Movement Masterclass w/ Olivier Goetgeluck (BEL)
"Elite Athlete Training"


In this class we will investigate and work on:
• The role of a repetitive practice as a daily immunity check in the career of the athlete
• What is the basis of athletic movement quality?
• How to develop an athletic learning environment without intruding in the creative process of the individual?
• What are dominant stressors, individual triggers and how do they influence our motoric decision-making skills?


Participants will be challenged to train their movement ability in a state that demands constant observation. The athlete can never 'sleep' and has to be constantly aware of multiple perceptual tasks at the same time, with additional stressors added as they become better at the task.

The game, whatever your discipline, is never the same. Therefore athletes are stimulated as much as possible in a way that they can learn through self-observation how they cope in demanding moments during practice. Through this type of athletic situations their behavioral flexibility is tested in a training environment that provokes their habitual way of reacting to game-like requirements both physically and emotionally.


The trainer - functioning as the creator of the situations - rather than giving solutions, asks questions such as:
- How well can you stay in your axis during chaos?
- How many things can you be aware of while executing a task?
- How does the quality of your skill-set change under pressure?
- How do different verbal, perceptual and physical stressors influence you?
- What does it mean to be an athlete in relation to your context?
- What is currently overlooked in the development of athletes?
- What is the aging process of the athlete?
- What is the difference between playing on the highest level and
staying at amateur level?


Olivier Goetgeluck researches these questions as one of the few close students of Fighting Monkey Practice. Through his experience with athletic development in his homebase Elite Athletes Belgium he functions as a research collaborator for Fighting Monkey, which is a wide cross-disciplinary research platform that aims to expand the capacities of human beings.

Through the experience of Fighting Monkey founders Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek in gymnastics, contemporary dance, sports, martial arts and theater, Fighting Monkey Practice offers a unique and innovative perspective on the domain of human development now extending into the world of athletic domains.